Paint and mod the front bumper on a Acura Integra.

We modded the front bumper of an Acura Integra.

Acura Integra front end mods

We didn’t like the plastic piece here…

Integra bumper plastic cover

So we cut it off the bumper.

using a knife to cut out plastic from bumper

The old horn was filled with over spray from the last owners.

integra horn with white overspray

So we pulled out the paint sprays.

Air brush spray print

We gave the horn and license plate bolts a nice bright red. Then painted the horn bolt black.

Red painted car horn

This is how the horn now shows through. (sorry its so dark)


Next we decided to relocate the license plate. We sanded down the plastic to be flat.

License plate holes in front bumper

We put tape on the inside of the bumper, so the bondo does not push through.

tape inside bumper holes for bondo

After the bondo dried, it was sanding time. We started with the shaver, then sanded smooth.

bondo sanding bumper

After this we gave it a few coats of flat black. You can’t tell anything was there before.

bondo is looking good

Here is how everything turned out. Looks great.

Modded integra