I wanted to save floor space in my room by moving my bed up over the 2 built in shelf covering the house foundation.

The mirrors are there to protect the wall from the pets I had in the past… (the small cute furry kind.) They would chew on everything!

I figured making a loft bed up there should free up a lot of floor space!

I used a piece of scrap metal to hold up the frame in place to make sure this is a good idea… Checking measurements and such.

Everything looked good, so I started making the legs to hold the bed frame up.
First I level the bed and mark the 2 holes I need to make.

I then drill the holes, Starting with a smaller bit.

Here is the hardware I am using.

One leg is made, and working on the other one now.

Now the holes are made.

I may have over-tightened the top bolt there.

oh yes, I did.

Now the other side is also tightened.

Now I have a nice level bed platform. I added a light under and put my mattress on top.

There is lots of room under here. I plan to put my desk there.

As a temporary support to keep myself from falling off, I added some wood working clamps and a piece of wood. It worked well, but I suggest welding or making a wood support.

I gave the bed posts a sanding and a paint job. Read how I made the bed legs.

Much better with my desk there. And I have a mini fridge right under for nice cold drinks and snacks. Yummy!

New railing! Much safer now. Welded and painted.

I also made wooden stairs that are also shelving. See how I made stair shelving.