How I fixed brake lights stuck on on a CRX.

brake lights stuck on

brake lights stuck on

I parked, and got out of my car. As I was walking away, I noticed the brake lights were on! How could this be!
I looked on the floor of my car and found some broken rubber pieces.
brake lights stuck on because button pad broke apart

I disconnected the brake lights from the bulbs by unplugging the light harness in the back.
You can also disconnect your battery to prevent it from discharging.
I ordered the part from the Honda dealer. Most cars have this, so go to your car dealer parts department and ask them to look it up.

new button pads for brake light button


This is the pedals on my car. You can see the clutch switch on the left and the brake switch on the right.
The pads are very easy to replace.
If the pad is not your issue, then it can also be the switch, or the alignment or adjustment of it.

brake light button pad installed