Make a wooden picture frame for a digital photo.

I wanted to make a gift for my grandmother for her birthday, so I made her a wood frame for a digital photo player.

nice digital photo frame

I removed the original plastic frame. There are tabs that stick up from the display…

the raw lcd picture frame, with the plastic frame removed.

I removed the tabs with a hack saw blade.

saw off the plastic that holes the plastic picture frame

I then sanded it down smooth.

sanding off the plastic that sticks out

I did draw up a few ideas on what I wanted, but did not use them.

ideas for picture frame making

Here is a small example piece and how it fits.

the frame fits the digital photo frame good

First I setup my router table and made a custom jig to make a V cut.

cutting out the first v grove in the picture frame

I adjusted my jig then I made a second V cut next to the first.

picture frame wood making

Then I adjusted everything and make a round over cut.

routed wood for picture frame

I made the jig closer so I can route a flat edge standing up.

the cuts on my picture frame using a router

Here is what everything looked like. After this step I sanded everything down and cut them to length.

a jig for routing the picture frame

I then made a jig to glue the frame together.

a jig for gluing the picture frame together

I used regular wood glue for this. It has lasted many years so far.

glue wood picture frame in jig

Here it is glued together before stain.

unstained wood on lcd picture frame

Now a view with the stain applied.

nice digital photo frame

This is what it looks like where the unit is on display.

Digital photo with wood frame

Here is a view of the back.

Back view of LCD photo device with Wood frame