Make a wooden rounded corner bar counter.

I make a counter for my bar stools to face my fish tank.

Round corner bar shelf - done


I started by measuring how much I wanted to cut out.

I got out a scrap piece of wood the proper length.

Then put a nail through the end.

I only need a little bit of nail sticking through.

I now need a hole the size of a pencil to stick through.

I needed the hole right here…

The pencil also does not need to sick out far.

Here is the center point marking for the curve axis.

That’s where the nail goes. I do not press hard, just enough to keep it in place.
This is done on the back of the board, so it is not shown

Now that’s a good curve.

I then cut it with my scroll saw, routed the edge, and applied stain.

A great bar top facing a fish tank. Nice and relaxing.