How I fixed a giant hole behind my e-brake.


I bought this car used not long ago and the E-brake did not work very well.
One day working on my car, I removed the e-brake cover to see if I can adjust the e-brake but discovered a bunch of inflating foam.
foam filled hole in my car floor

I unbolted the bracket and disconnected the e-brake cables and moved them aside.
closeup of foam filled hole in car floor

Here is a view from under the car. The car is lowered, so the only way to see it was with a cell phone (or a car lift)
View from under the car of foam filled hole

Right above the exhaust, the foam is turning brown and black from the heat.
Another under car view of foam filled hole

This is the bracket that was cut and modified by the last owners. No idea why they cut the hole or this bracket.
E-Brake backet for honda

I noticed the e-brake was also cut and modified. I removed it from the car.
Ebrake handle removed from car

The threaded rod and the nut were both cut down for size. What were they doing to this poor car???
ebrake rod is cut and damaged

Here is the view of everything removed. There is a hole in the foam going to under the car.
bad hole in car

I can see the floor under my car!

floor under car

I removed the foam. Now I can see the bracket that failed and caused the e-brake to not work properly.
I also removed the front seats and the carpet for better access (Its only about 10-12 bolts for the seats and seat belts).
failed bracket for ebrake

I used my grinder and cleaned up the edges around the hole.
grinded edges for welding

Another view with the light on.
view of grinded metal with light on

I went through my scrap metal and found a piece with the proper thickness, Then used welding magnets to hold it in place.
welding magnets holding in sheet metal for welding

After a few tac welds, I added in a second piece then tac welded that into place.
Tac welded sheet metal covering hole

The part where the bracket mounts to is elevated from the rest of the area.
I added in several welds to hold the mount into place, and finished the rest of the welds completely.
there is a gap from flat metal against curved metal

I added some liquid nails to make sure it was sealed from the exhaust gases.
filled gap with liquid nails

Then I covered the area in thick good tape. I know I could have done a better job with grinding and painting it, But this was just a few hour project after work.
cover in black strong tape

I had a spare e-brake in good condition, so I replaced the damaged one with this nice one.
replacement ebrake handle

Everything went together well, and is very strong. I have been using it for several years now.
ebrake connected back up

If anyone knows why someone would cut a hole behind the e-brake, please Drop me a line