How to fix a broken CRX clutch pedal assembly that snapped broken.

clutch pedal snapped off! (common issue)

Clutch pedal snap broken

I have a 1988 Honda CRX. This car was built with a weaker pedal assembly then the newer models.
Its a common problem for the clutch pedal to snap and bend. The later models are stronger and this should not happen.

Repair 1: repair while installed in car.
Repair 2: remove and weld out of car.
Add in new steering column.
Repair 3: get junk yard pedals from a newer crx, and weld extra enforcement.
Add in new pedal rubber.

Here is when my clutch pedal first snapped on me.

I wanted to repair this while it was in the car to save time (save time… hahaha).
I started to saw off the broken piece.

I then used my welding magnet to hold a piece of sheet metal in place to weld.

I added another piece of sheet metal under the assembly and welded that too.

That lasted a few weeks…

The weld broke in the same place as the first time.

You can see the clutch pedal is completely sideways. It was impossible to use.


Now to pull the pedal assembly. I had to remove the steering column, and unbolt the brake booster, clutch cable, throttle cable, and a few more things.

I finally got it out!

I welded more plates to support the pedal into place.

While I was at it, I decided to change the steering column to one that I can tilt the steering wheel.

There is a lot of parts to swap between these. The hardest being the ignition switch.

This is the back of the bolt holding the ignition switch onto the steering column.

The other side of the bolt does not have a head for a socket, or Allan key… its just round.
I had to use a drill, and then find a bolt and nut that fit it.

Time to put everything back in.

Now its back to normal.


Another week went by then it snapped again! From the other side now!

I drop the steering column again… and remove the pedal assembly.

I went to the junk yard, and got a pedal assembly from a newer CRX. Its build to prevent this issue.

You can see even more damage now that the pedals are out of the car.

I welded an additional support to the new junk yard pedals I bought. I really did not want to repair this again.

I then cut these out to hug the pipe that keeps breaking off.

Now that should not ever move!


I took apart the old pedal assembly, as a lot of parts can be swapped. (I like to choose the best of each piece when re-building things).

Here is a better view of where it failed at.

The parts from the old pedal assembly laid out. I will reuse the buttons (the other pedals have different connectors).
I will also reuse the rubber pads, button stops, and any other nice parts.

The brake switch from both pedals.

The clutch switch from both pedals.

You can really see a difference between the older crx pedals and the newer ones.
There is a lot more metal support for the clutch pedal.

I made sure to add a bit of grease before putting everything back together (the steering column and the pedals).

Here is a really worn out pedal pad.

You can really see how much is missing from the back of it.

I replaced with a Honda original part. 46545-SA5-000. It was not expensive, and totally worth it!

Like new again!