Make metal bed legs, and a custom metal bracket.

Steel Bed posts

I already cut them to size, drilled the holes in the posts and test fit them.

Now its time to paint them. I gave them both a really good sanding.

I added about 5 coats of spray paint to them. Its been in use for several years now and I keep magents on it. Does not scratch off the paint!

My window air conditioner was in the way of my bed leg, so I needed to make a bracket to relocate the bed leg.

I traced out my design onto a piece of metal.

Then I cut it out with my angle grinder. (This was before I got my plasma cutter)

I drilled out the 2 bolt holes.

You can see I added a 2×4 against the wall for support, but the main weight goes to this new leg.

Its been a few years now, and its working great!