Make a circuit board and the steps I took for light exposing method.

I started with making CAD drawings on my circuit, and then double checked all my measurements.

I am using light sensitive circuit boards for the etching process.

I had to use a red LED light, because it will not expose the board while I am working with it.

I had to cut the boards to size in dim red light.

I printed my CAD drawing of the schematic for both sides of the board and taped it into a picture frame.

Now with the red light on, I added the circuit board into the picture frame.

I exposed the board for the time in the instructions from the manufacturer.

Next was time to mix the chemicals to etch the board.


The board in the chemical

Now I have an etched board. I need to use acetone and remove the green.

Now to apply the silkscreen. I use a laser printer and transfer the ink with acetone.

Next is to drill all those holes… this mini drill press sucks, I ended up buying a full size one.

Finally, the last steps… apply the solder tin and solder components in.

Update 5-2-2015! I added the tin coat!


Here is the board before the liquid tin. I put it in a small blue plastic container.


Before doing it to my good board, I wanted to test it on a bad board I have.


I added the liquid tin and wait a few minutes and wow its silver now!


Here is the good board, now done.


The liquid tin was very easy to use!