Make a paper angel



This are beautiful paper angels made by a group of kids. They are easy to make and most of the materials are easy to find.


1.- Paper plates – Amazon
2.- Scissors – Amazon
3.- Crayons, markers, color pencils. – Amazon
4.- Feathers – Amazon
5.- Colored cotton strands – Amazon
6.- Stickers – Amazon
7.- Punch hole makers – Amazon
8.- Pencil – Amazon
9.- Confetti (paper, metallic) – Amazon
10.- Googly eyes – Amazon
11.- Self adhesive foam stickers – Amazon
12.- Glue – Amazon
13.- Colorful alphabet confetti – // <![CDATA[
// ]]>
14.- And anything else you think that will be fun to decorate with.
Also some materials will take a while to dry, and kids can get impatient so try to use fast drying fun materials. Another note this requires the project to be folded so be aware some decorations might fall off!!


This is the display table ready for the kids to get their hands on. It will get messy so get some extra zipper bags for storing mixed materials.


This is the shape the plate needs to have. Cut off all the black marker. It is recommended that you do this for the kids. Just have the plates ready to start decorating.


After cutting out the marker lines it comes out like this. Turn the plate over. Also you can use the paper hole maker for the edge of the plate. You can draw the eyes and mouth with marker.


Start decorating by adding googly eyes, hair, coloring the dress, up to the cut lines. Also gluing and sticking other decorations.


Turn the paper over and add the feathers, starting where the paper is cut and up.


To put it together.

1.- Fold the angel.


2.- Start getting the 2 cuts to meet and making the plate able to fold and have the shape of a dress.


3.- The edges will now be able to join much better as shown.


This is the back view of how its going to look.


This is the finished angel.


Here are some angels made by some kids. Is a fun and entertaining craft for everyone.