Make a recycled paper notebook


I had lots of scratch paper that needed a good use. I used a paper cuter to cut to my ideal size and went further by creating a tiny notepad with a hard cover. You can use any paper you want and create a wonderful notebook.


Stack of paper. This stack is recycled from scratch paper and cut to desired size. You can use any paper you want and any size.


Contact adhesive. -( Amazon)


Various clips – (Amazon)


Thick cardboard. – (Amazon)


Various color of vinyl or contact paper. – (Amazon)


When all the edges are evenly stacked add clips to hold them in place. Choose clips that are strong enough to hold the stack of papers you have.


Add the contact adhesive to where you want the bind and let it dry completely. As it dries you can push the adhesive into the paper grooves, making it as flat as possible.


This is how it looks with the clips off and the adhesive completely dry.


Now trace the binded papers into your cardboard. Make sure to make two covers and one spine.


Cut out what you traced.


Lay out your two covers and spine as shown. Use a piece of vinyl/contact paper bigger than you cardboard cut outs. Mark with a pushpin the corners of each cardboard.


Take the backing off the vinyl contact paper and by using the guides from the pushpin holes lay out your cardboard into the adhesive.


Cut out the four corner in a diagonal way. So when you fold the vinyl/ contact, you won’t get to many overlapping folds.


Surely you can do a better cutting and folding job, but it will look something like this.


This is how it will look on the front and back covers. (while making this craft, the wrong vinyl was chosen. Instead of a solid one this one had a pre- cut images on it).


Now lay out another piece of vinyl. This will be for the inside cover to hold it in place.


Make sure is big enough to cover the cardboard and the first paper.


Now glue the cover and first page as shown making sure it covers it completely. Don’t leave any space in the middle. Fold your vinyl/contact in half take the backing off halfway cut it and stick it on the cardboard.


Finish up by taking the remaining backing off and putting the half on the paper.


Do the same for the other side and it should look like this.


Trim out any extra vinyl/contact and it will be ready.


You can leave it as it is or keep adding more decorations. In the picture, there is the plain notebook and a super decorated one, is up to you how you want it and the colors. Enjoy.