Make a Pad lock rain cover.

We’ve been having to change pad locks every few years because rain gets inside the lock and we can not unlock it.
I got fed up and made a little metal rain cover.

DIY pad lock rain cover

Please watch the video to see how I made it:

I started out drawing a basic diagram of what I wanted.
Then measured above the lock and added it to my diagram.

I used a piece of sheet aluminum (because aluminum does not rust) and took off the protective plastic.
I used soap stone to draw out my pattern, carefully measuring everything. Then I added tabs to attach to the wood above the lock
A plasma cutter was used to quickly cut out the shape. I also cut the holes for the mounting screws.
A little work at the bench grinder to clean up the edges and it was time to start bending with my metal brake.

I lightly sanded down the metal, and wiped it off with a clean rag.
Then a quick coat of white paint to blend in with the wood.

The Install:
My first attempt did not go well…. the screw would not go in at that angle (I should have known…)
So I got a screw driver and marked where to drill my holes. I started with a small bit from the back, then a larger bit from the front. (Just large enough of a small screwdriver)

The install went mostly smoothly… the shallow depth and my large hands… so my wife helped.

The project came out great, and looks good too!