Build a RV closet shelf for more storage

RV closet shelf diy

We needed more storage in the RV so I made a shelf in the closet.

I started by measuring the width, depth, and at what height I wanted to get. There was a wire leading up the closet wall to the thermostat, so I had to make the shelf just above the wire.

I started by getting out a piece of plywood, and drawing up the size I needed.

Now its time for sanding the wood to make it smooth.

Before I use my router, I wanted to test fit the shelf.

Test fit RV shelf
The shelf was such a good fit, It held up on its own!

Here is a full view. I ended up removing the clothes rack.


Now to router the front edge of the shelf.

Here is the routed edge.

I then sanded the newly cut edge, then added stain to the wood.

Now I measure the height of the wire. I add a tiny bit and mark out where the mounts need to go.

This is how I marked the position for all 4 mounting points. (I had to use this method, and not a level, because the camper is on a hill)

Now all 4 mounts are in position. (Using only 1 screw each, so I can position them correctly after the shelf is in)

Now to place the shelf in, then add the rest of the screws.

All the screws are in.

The closet closed:

RV closet

And the RV closet open: