Dust filter for server rack

Server rack dust filter

I use my air compressor (with water remover) to dust my PCs. But its a pain to boot up the backup server, update the websites, then shutdown the main server to remove it for dusting.

So I made a dust filter for my server. So far it has not let any dust through to the server!

Here is my server rack before adding a dust filter.

Server rack

I have exhaust fans at the top (3x 120mm pc fans). The servers are at the bottom of the rack, taking in cool air from near the floor (where the most dust is).

I found this re-usable air filter at the local hardware store, and its the perfect material. This material will not restrict the air like other air filters! So the server fans will be able to suck in air through this filter with no extra fans!

Here is a closeup of the label.

I held it up to the light to show how the air would flow easily. Check out how much light easily passes through. (Its very easy to see in person)IMG_0763

I cut the filter to size, and made holes for my rack mount screws to mount the filter (and added large washers).

Server rack dust filter

I have lots of filter material left over, so I can make 2 replacements. Each filter should last for 1 year, so 3 years for $10 is great!

The filter is different on each side. I used the mesh side for the dust side, as it should capture more dust on the surface rather than inside the filter material.

UPDATE – The filter has been in use for some time now, and its working perfectly!

I have been self hosting on my server since 2010. I do it because it is cheaper than hosting, and has no restrictions… Web hosts charge for every little feature (More than one domain, subdomains, email, storage, backups, SQL limits, DNS, setup fees, etc). I do not want my creativity to be limited.

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