I Make a DIY Mini skateboard


I had an old kids toy mini skateboard and it was trashed, and very cheap… But it was made out of wood! Something I know how to work with.

The old toy skateboard I started with

Wood side of kids skateboard

The trucks and bearings were trash plastic…

Kids Skateboard plastic trucksKids skateboard cheap plastic bearings

I started by taking everything apart:

skate board parts blow out

I started by sanding down the skateboard (I was unable to peel the sticker logo covering the top and bottom of the board)

Sanding skateboard

Now I have a wood skateboard blank, nice and clean


blank wood skateboard bottom


blank skateboard wood top

But the edges were square… not like a real skateboard.

square edges on sids skateboard

I sanded them down and made them rounded.

rounded edges on skateboard

Another picture of skateboard edges rounded over

Now to add some grip tape to the top. I start by dusting off the board from sanding, then align the sheet on top of the board.

ready for grip tape

I then gently pull the backing off and slide it out as I hold the grip tape into position. grip tape glued onto skate board

After the grip tape is applied, use a utility knife to cut the grip tape away, carefully cutting at an angle to the boards shape.fresh grip tape on skate board

Now the fun part! Decorating! Grab a bunch of stickers and make something you like!

sticker decorating skateboard

I put it together with the same plastic trucks for now, because the bolt pattern is ‘old school’ and closer together then my new trucks.

Mini skateboard put together

the board looks really cool, check out a few pictures:

skateboard face downSkateboard face up

Lets compare size from a normal skateboard to this mini board:

full skateboard vs mini skateboardfull vs mini skateboards

mini vs full size skateboards

After a little ride… I realized that plastic trucks were worse then I thought (and I knew they were bad…)

plastic trucks broken cracked

So then I rebuilt the board with metal trucks… I added bolts with washers in the original larger hole spacing, and just put screws in the smaller ones for now… I plan to drill the holes and mount another pair of trucks I have. New mini skateboard with full size trucksnew trucks on old school boardmini skateboard with fish background

The regular skate board trucks are wider then the board, which I read was a bad thing for stability, but I have went full speed and not noticed any issues. wider trucks on mini board

This is an ongoing project and I am sure it will keep changing!