Upgrade to LED bulbs in RV

RV LED bulb upgrade
See the difference between the original bulb and the new – 360 degree – 780 lm LED light.

We wanted to try out a few LED bulbs from superbrightleds.com and we picked out 3 different brightness levels (for the main living room, the kitchen, and the bed area).

The brightest bulb we ordered is – 1156 LED Bulb – 28 SMD LED – BA15S Retrofit. We used this bulb in the main living area.

RV Light fixture

Before buying the bulbs, start by opening the cover to the light fixture.

Then remove the bulbs and inspect them for a model number, and check the number of contacts under the bulb (usually 1 metal contact under, but some bulbs are 2 contacts).

This bulb is a 1141 – 12V DC blub

They also sell these LED lights at the local hard ware store… but they are not as bright as the ones we purchased.

We also changed the kitchen light to 1156 LED Bulb – 18 SMD LED Tower – BA15S Retrofit. This bulb is also a 360 degree bulb but not as bright, at 185 Lumen.

I wish I had taken more pictures, and a few of the bulbs we ordered.

Here are the links to the bulbs we purchased (these are not affiliate links):

The super bright 780 lumen LED (used over the main living area)

The medium bright 185 lumen LED (used over the sink)

The budget dim 90 lumen LED (used over the bed)