Automatic coffee maker

Automatic coffee maker hack

I made this automatic coffee maker a few years ago, and now I am finally writing an article about this project.

Here is a picture of my current setup. The top has the power strip. I use this to turn on and off the coffee maker and the timer at the same time.

Auto coffee maker timer
The goal is – keep the power safely up above, and the water below.

Here is a picture of the water hose from my RO water filter to a shut off valve. This valve is here if I need to replace the solenoid, or there is a leak.

After that the hose goes into the solenoid, then to the coffee maker.

auto coffee maker water solenoid

Here is the timer. I set the seconds I want the water to flow for. I set mine to 50 seconds for about 8 cups of coffee.

coffee maker timer

For my connections on the back of the timer. I removed the pins from a computer power supply connector. Then used those with heat shrink on them to connect the pins on the back of the timer.  Timer wiring

The solenoid I used is a water solenoid with 1/4″ adapters added.

water solenoid

See a video of it in action!

Where to Find the Parts:

Water solenoid (Amazon)
Count down Timer (Amazon)
12V power pack (Amazon)
Coffee Maker (Amazon)