DIY Lego USB Power bank!

DIY Lego usb power bank

I have wanted a USB power bank for a while and finally ordered the board to make one. I needed a case that would fit and could not find any online (They were too wide, or too tall), so I decided, let it be LEGO! What a great choice!

Box of Legos
I already have plenty of legos.

These are basically the parts needed

-The power board (Amazon)

-18650 battery holders (Amazon)

-18650 batteries (Amazon)

-Enough legos to build the case (Amazon)

Here is a picture of both sides of the charge board.

This board will charge the 18650 batteries using a micro USB connector, and it will output 5v to the USB for your phone/device. It will also output the battery power on the 4 LEDS after pressing the button.

The link to amazon I included above is for a slightly different board, but has 2 USB ports to charge, and at about the same price I paid.

Some of the Legos I used for the project

I laid the parts how I wanted and chose my layout.

First layer of bricks added

For this layer of bricks, I added 3 vent holes on each side for the batteries.

This 3rd layer is the thin bricks, because the batteries were just slightly taller.

I added 3 colored see-through pieces for the power LEDS to shine through and let me know the battery level.

I added Legos to support the circuit board in position.

A lego lever was added to push the battery check button.

Just a light push on the top of the lever and it clicks!

I used a Lego with holes to run the power wires, one at a time.

Now to cut the wires to length and solder them.

I put all 4 wires through, then bent them to hold in place for soldering.

Soldering went well. Now to install the board.

I found a clear hinged door in my Legos. Perfect to cover the USB ports!

You can see how I fold the wires to fit.

The Lego power bank is coming along perfectly. šŸ™‚

Now to hot glue everything in place.

I start by removing the bottom and adding to the battery holders.

Then I add some hot glue to the edges of the top, but skipping where the vents are.

Batteries holders now completely glued in, but the batteries are still replaceable.

Now to glue the circuit board down. I tilt it up at an angle to add glue to the lego pieces supporting the circuit board.

I plugged in the micro USB charger to keep the board in place.

After the glue under the board dried, I added some around the edges of the top, and on the 2x USB ports (help prevent them breaking) and the LEDS to diffuse the light a little.



Finished LEGO power bank
With the LEDS off and on.

A back side view
A back side view

It charges android!
It charges android!

And it charges iPhone!
And it charges iPhone!

You can have fun with this power bank too!!!

DIY lego power bank