Wagon Planter re-build

Wagon Planter build

As you can see, this old wagon is trashed… BUT it can be fixed!!!Old damaged wagon

I cut out new pieces of wood

The old hardware was rusted on. These tools were no help!

I had to use an angle grinder with a cutting blade

All the hardware was cut off

Turns out water comes out of this hole… lol

I trace where the hardware went, as an estimate…

Then I add the hardware and mark it properly to drill.

Holes are drilled so the bolts will fit

Stain is applied to give the plywood a darker color.

Then the wood is weather sealed in varnish

Final assembly went smoothly.

I am marking how deep to drill the countersink holes.

These guide pieces were added to prevent sag in the center after years of outdoor weather

I left the hardware old and rusted looking. Its from the 90’s

I picked a spot where it will look good.

Then added a bunch of potted plants. (Later I added sprinklers to these)