Business Card and Brochure Stand

Business Card and Brochure Stand

We will be selling at our local swap meet soon so I made a easy DIY Business Card and Brochure Stand.

I started with this piece of scrap wood from my garage, I think it was a key hook.


I measure for the center point and make a mark.


I mark the position for the brochure Stand 4″ wide by 2″ deep. I space it 1/2″ to the left from the center point.


After all my measurements, I drill the 4 holes that will hold the metal wire. The holes are just a bit smaller then the metal wire, so it will fit and stay on its own.  I used very stiff wire to make sure it would hold up and not get bent during use.


I start with a piece about 11″ long and bend it then push it into the holes using pliers.


Then I do it again.


They are cut and folded the same.


Now I made side supports. These are 3″ long (2″ gap + 1/2″ folded on each side).


I start by folding one side like a Check mark (the left fold) then the other side like an “L”.

10 11

I then fold it the rest of the way. I had to make 2.

12 13

Now to keep the brochure from falling out the front, I have to add a support.


Bent just like the others, it works great.


Now on to the business card holder.

The measurements are 4″ wide by 1″ deep. I space this 1/2″ to the right from the center mark. 4 holes are drilled and the metal was cut, bent, and installed. I made the front about 1/2″ tall and the back about 1″ tall. Then added a front support to hold the cards from falling out.


Then I made the 2 side supports cut at 2″ lengths.


Now we have a great stand for our business cards and brochures to hand out.


Or you can just buy a cheap stand (Amazon).