Longboard/Skateboard Printable Templates!

Longboard printout

I have been working on Skateboard and Longboard bench sets. So far I have welded the skateboard bench legs, and designed these printable wood templates.

This article I will cover how I designed and made the templates, and I will give you a PDF download for the Longboard and Skateboard designs I made.

See how I made the wood skate and longboards after I made these templates

It may seem silly, but I was able to make these designs using simple image editor “paint” in windows 7.


The 2 designs are printed.


I cut out following the lines.


The printer leaves a margin around that must be cut between connecting pages.

4 5

Now it is ready to be taped together.


Turns out my first revisions of the design were not scaled correctly. I made a redesign.

7 8

Here is a comparison between my designs and actual boards.  My longboard design is slightly longer, and a little skinnier in the rear side. The skateboard design is just about the same as a regular skateboard.


I wanted a more durable template, so I traced the design to cardboard.



My wife cut it out for me. Now it is ready to trace to a piece of wood to cut out.


Download PDF Designs:

longboard-printout Longboard Template Design

skateboard-printoutSkateboard Template Design

You can use this design to make a Longboard bench metal stand, or try and make a wood skateboard or longboard… Its up to you. Please let us know what you made with our design on our Twitter/Facebook accounts!

See how I applied Grip Tape to my Mini Skateboard Build!

One of our viewers make a Longboard from my design.
Check out his awesome work at Monster Tutorials.
Edit: Seems he sadly deleted his article and video making the longboard.