Scrap metal art from old window bars

Scrap metal art

I used old scrap security window bars and made works of art.

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My mother in laws landlord kindly donated some scrap window security bars for us to weld and make things.


Metal fences, screen security doors, window bars, and many other things also have these designs and can be used!

I start by grinding off the old welds (using a thin cutting wheel on my angle grinder), which releases the individual pieces of metal.3

Here are the pieces of fancy bent metal. This is what I am most interested in as I do not yet have blacksmith tools to bend and shape metal.


I layout the pieces and make a heart design with style pieces on the side, and the square tube around as a frame.


My wife had the idea to add a chain to hang the art piece.

All the metal to be welded is grinded down with my angle grinder with a flap disk.


The metal has been welded from the back of the piece. The chain is also welded on.


The next step would be to paint the metal to protect it from rusting.

For the next piece of weld art, I start with the same pieces.


I hold them up to make 2 hearts so it can be seen from any angle.


I start by welding together the base pieces.


With help from my wife holding the pieces, I welded them together.


The top is flat and can support a plant, or a glass top.


Here you can see the heart design and the decorative base.


Amazing these pieces of art were old scrap metal security window bars.


The next step will be to paint both of these to protect them from rusting. They could also be clear coated, or just left to rust for the look.

Update 11/4/2016:

I have now painted both of these items, and will update with the process later… here is the finished pictures:

final-stand final-wall-hang