Swap meet 1: Pasadena College

Our first swap meet Pasadena College Nov 6, 2016

How it went:
Cost of space $120 (WOW so much!!!)

It went OK. With the support of friends and family we were able to barely profit here.
Maybe it was the time change (daylight savings time) or maybe the cold weather or the location of our booth (we were over a football field from the public parking lot).
I am happy we went and had this opportunity to learn.

After the event the Wife and I sat down and discussed our day and took additional notes about the types of items other vendors had and what items people were caring around (that they purchased). We also took notes on some of the people that took some time to talk with us.

What we learned:

We made our booth shaped like a U to get customers into our booth. This was not a good idea because most people are walking a lot around the entire swap meet and do not want to walk more and into our booth. Most people walk in a straight line in the middle of the path just looking, then move towards the booth if they find something interesting.
WE NOW KNOW: Next time we will have our tables as close to the customers as we can.

We had our wood/metal/tile company sign with us and very few people saw it. We also had signs for several items which I noticed most people DO NOT READ THE SIGNS!!!

We still want to have some signs, for the few people that read them, but we will NOT be making too many signs. Keep it simple!

We made price tags for EVERY ITEM!!! wow that wasted so much time! But we learned now not to price tag anything at a swap meet! It scares people away because they all want to get deals! Next time we will remove the price tags!

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