Make your own flexible parts holding clamp

1-newi had one of those cheap clamp holder with a magnifying glass in the middle, but the clips would always fall off and would not position well.

My wife purchased some of this Flexible tie wrap from a discount store and I realized I can make a cool little clamp from this. The Flexible tie wrap at the home improvement store is stronger and I would use that next time.

Video of making the flexible parts holding clamps:

(Video will be available 1-23-2017 at 9am Pacific Time)

You can read how I made it below.



I start with a few alligator clips (Amazon) and some Flexible tie wrap (Amazon).


I start by unwrapping a piece the length I want and cut it.


I use my needle nose pliers to expand the circle on the back of the alligator clips so I can push the Flexible cord into there.


The Flexible cord pushes right in.


I then use my pliers to crimp the alligator clip into place.


Its a nice clean look, and will not slip or spin.


I made a few at different lengths.


This is just an example but they can attach to other clamps and mounts to hold up the circuit or components to solder.