Maker Faire – DTLA Library Dec 3, 2016

Los Angeles Public Library Maker Faire Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (PST)

How it went:
Cost of space $0.00! Parking with validation $1

I decided to attend the Maker Faire to promote our DIY blog

We have many items we made on the website that we had around the house, so we were able to bring them and show people! There were over 600 people there in the few hours we were there. This is a lot of free promotion for my company, I handed out almost all my fliers and over half my business cards!

What we learned:

The web traffic went up and we now have a link on wow!

It was a fun experience and we got to meet a lot of people in person that love to MAKE! It’s amazing to talk with people into the same things! VERY DIFFERENT THEN A SWAP MEET! The swap meet people had very little appreciation for anything hand-made with lots of labor. The maker faire embraced it! What a great community!

I made signs for each item with a title, picture, description, and a link to the article with a QR code. I noticed most of the people took the time to read the sign! wow! I even saw a few people take a picture of the sign (maybe they were scanning the QR code? )

The items people really loved and kept asking questions about was my Homemade Generator and my Aluminum Smelter.

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