Swap meet 3: Glendale college Swap meet

Our third swap meet Glendale college Dec 18th

Cost for space $40 (Coupon was for first time only)

– how it went

We looked up the weather and the rain should stop 2 days before the swap meet, so we should be good to go. We decided to sign up for a space. Right before Christmas should be good for sales, right?

I remembered again to bring the 2×4 pieces to level my tables on this hill, and I am really glad I did. The entire day we were hearing glass breaking. I don’t think anyone else had level tables.

This time we had a $1 table and to see if that attracts more people to our booth.

what we learned:

We had a pair $1 tables and it went really well. I do not think we would have done very well with-out it. Most of our sales were under $5. The $1 table brought in lots of people to our booth to also look around at our other higher priced items.

Last time we tested saying “hi” to people and did not have good results. It must have been the rainy weather or something that gave us bad results last time because this time it worked very well. Only 1 person ignored us saying hi. The rest of the people were happy and cheerful. They must be in the Christmas spirit!

Another lesson we learned is to be friendly and nice to the customers, but do spend more then a few minutes per person.

Also DO NOT let the customer open a new item and not intent to purchase it. This customer opened the box and removed all the packaging and could not put it back and left it for us!!!! wow how RUDE! I said it was new!

Just before Christmas people were shopping for gifts at the swap meet, but they were all on a very tight budget. Most people spent $5 or under. The entire day’s profit after the swap meet space fees and taxes… well I really hope our next event does better!

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