Glass top counter and rolling cart for fish tank stand

Glass top counter and rolling cart for fish tank stand

I have been remodeling my room and moving furniture around and needed a new place for the fish tank. I designed this using scrap wood I had around.

Here are the first few cuts.

This will be the wood supporting the glass top.

I cut this board into 4 even sized.

These 4 pieces will be used the help support the counter against the wall (screwed into at least 1 stud and/or using anchors). The top of this is what will hold the Glass top.

These 2×4 pieces are used for the back support pieces holding the shelf together for the Glass top.

I repeated the above with these pieces for the fish tank stand.

Back to the top supports for the Glass top counter.

Here is how I aligned all the screws to add this top piece.

Now for the back support pieces. (The shorter of the 2×4 I cut)

These are the 4 pieces of plywood that will hold this Glass top shelf against the wall. It also adds strength to this design.

I now cut the pieces for the Fish tank cart.

These are the measurements for my 10 gallon aquarium.

Now to add the legs and wheels.

Here is the fish tank cart under the Glass top counter (with no glass yet)

As soon as we bring it inside, the cat starts exploring the new area.



I guess I made a mistake and needed to lower the fish tank cart so the light can fit above the tank.

Now to add shelves for the fish food, filters, and other light weight fish supplies. I used just screws to hold the shelf, but you may want to buy L-brackets.

Here is how I kept the shelves in place, and from moving or falling off.

I added one screw on each side of the first screw. These clamp the board in place. Then I added another screw into the 2×4 as extra weigh support for the shelf.

This is a very modern looking shelf design for this cart.

Another great thing about the 2×4 back support is that it can hold the power strip for the fish tank and accessories.

Now I have a counter I can place items on, and look through to watch my fish.

The cart the fish are on rolls out so I can clean their tank easily.

Here is what I added to the right side to hold my sink supplies and the dogs food down below.