From Scrap Parts to Rad Scooter!

DIY retro 1980's Style giant 2 person scooter

I had the idea to make a 2 person scooter so my wife and I can ride around public bike paths and enjoy the outdoors. I plan to make this scooter Electric in the next article. 

Scrap Scooter Supplies:

I started with a pile of old bicycle parts and old mini motor cycle scrap parts I had in storage.

Bicycle and motorcycle scrap parts

I had the Skate board style deck from another project, See how I made the Skate board Template (With PDF download!) and Wood skate board decks.

I used some scrap metal to weld the frame together, Thanks to my set building friends!

Check out the Making of Video:

This was a difficult but rewarding project!

Here is the pictures from me making this:

This was my initial planning stage. Everything is laid out close to how I imagine it being built.

I cut the bike in half using my plasma cutter. You can also use a hack saw or angle grinder.

These are most of the pieces I need.

To get the bicycle front end ready, we had to take it apart and clean everything. We added lube when putting it back together.

In this stage I measure everything to get an idea how low the deck I will stand on should be and the length of the tube I need to cut to fit the bike frame.

This is how I leveled the forks and added the other bar level to the forks.

(I am not sure if this was done at the wrong angle, but this made steering a little weird.)

Now the bar is welded and attached, I also made a cap and welded that on.


This is the cap I made for the upper bar on the bike.

Its looking good now with the bottom platform added and the handle bars and wheel.

Here is an easy way I figured out to remove these handle bar handles that have been on this bike for maybe 15 years.

It was a simple process to add the brake handle and the cable tension.

The rear of this scooter I was able to take from my old mini motorcycle I had (Chinese motor never started properly and always needed adjustment). I am glad it already has a disk brake and a gear sprocket on the other side and a handy frame to hold everything together.

Now that all the parts are made, I measured the length this thing will be and wow was I surprised!

This is making the frame to support the weight of me and my wife. The metal and wood will work together to give us a safe support and nice ride.

Diy retro scooter

The wood skateboard deck is now added on.

The start of running the rear brakes were easy…

I repeated the above steps for the other side and added another cable. I then added a U clamp to hold the 2 bike brake cables together.

We added some air to the tire and went for a test ride. See in the video at the top of the page.

Electric Scooter Conversion:

I already started working on making this scooter electric thanks to my donor electric scooter!

See how we make this Scooter electric!