Custom wood shelving

Custom Wood Shelving

Now that the room is being moved around a lot, we needed more storage under the bed. I measured and made huge shelving to store a lot of stuff out of the way but still accessible.

I started by measuring and marking the wood.


I made each shelf 16″ deep. This will be plenty of room for all our stuff.

I now needed to make the 4 legs that will hold up the shelving.

That was easy…

I then made the 8 pieces of 2×4 for the shelf supports and then marked where the holes will be in the side posts to hold every shelf in place at the same height.

I drilled all the holes for the shelf supports and added the screws to make it easier to put together.

Now the shelf supports are added on this piece.

4 shelf supports on the back legs done!

I used “L” brackets and mounted the back 2 legs of the shelf to the wall.

I then measured to the 16″ that matches the shelving depth, so the pairs of legs match.

I also measured above to ensure everything is aligned.

Just needs shelving.

I just pushed each piece in place. They still need to be screwed in place.

I started with 1 screw in each corner.

I then added more screws, and now have a ready to use shelving system for under my loft bed.