Make a Loft Bed – Full Size

We went from a Single size bed to a Full size bed. Its a huge difference!

For this upgrade we had to move the entire room around and make a new loft bed support frame.

I started with the Legs I already had.

These are still the bed posts from the first loft bed! See how I made them.

I scored a new sealed METAL bed frame at the thrift store for $3 on a sale day!

The only issue with using the bed frame as-is would be the rear legs are too long to sit flat on the foundation shelf in my room.

I used a chop saw to cut the metal.

It was a nice clean and even cut.

I was able to reuse the foot plastic cover that was on the leg before I cut it.

Now I have 2 legs that are tiny and sit flat!

I put the metal frame up, and added one leg bolted on in the back, and the other leg just under to support it as I get everything assembled.

This is the same location as my last Loft bed.

I added wood blocks and metal straps to secure the bed to the foundation shelf. This holds the bed frame on top and prevents it from sliding off.

I then added a mattress and the same metal side post to prevent me from falling off if I roll over.

Here you can also see the new wood shelving I just made!