Wood Window Curtains

Wood window curtians

I sometimes get bad migraine headaches if I wake up with lights in the room. I wanted to block out more light than standard curtains.

I made this wood cover many years ago, and it has worked great. We are making a new loft bed which will be blocking the window in the middle.
Basically, the mattress is exactly where the window opens!

I removed the wood curtains and brought it to the garage. Here is a piece of scrap plywood I am using to make the upper round window.

We made a quick outline sketch of what we wanted.

Then we used a marker to make a much better shape. We used a string to make a half circle.

We wanted the windows to be magical, almost like a fairy tale.

We made a few designs… and still will change it. I will start with the other side, the half circle, then get back to this one.

I start by drilling a hole on the inside of what I am cutting.

I will use this hole to fit the Jig saw blade into to start the cut.

The start of the cut with the Jig saw.

We now have a half circle cutout!

I repeated the same process to cut the bottom square out. Drill a hole and use the Jig saw.

Now to use the Router to make the window openings light tight!

This is the router blade I will be using.

I position the router over the wood and adjust the depth. I want to remove half the material, so that when I remove half from both the pieces they should match up perfectly.

I then route out the half circle piece.

Then the rectangle side.

I now lay the new pieces on top. I used some scrap plywood that is the same thickness.

I use a pen and mark out where to cut. The router will remove a lip for this piece to fit in place.  I do this for both the rectangle and half circle pieces.

This is the half circle piece. Its a little messy, but I can tell where to cut.

This time I use the table top scroll saw to cut out the pieces.

This is a good fit, but not perfect… I need to sand it a little.

We decided on doing a “S” shape design for the interlocking rectangle  doors.

We used a marker to make this the cut line.

I then cut it on my table top scroll saw.

I now use the router to make the door pieces fit into the window opening.

Here is a closeup of the edge.

Here you can see the 2 pieces I made fit in. They fit great!

Now that the other 2 doors are made, I can finally start on the 3rd door. The other door had to be made first for everything to fit correctly.

Ignore that the new door already has an “S” shape in it. Its from cutting the left side. This “S” does not line up the same after I used the router on the first piece. I lay it on top just like I did to the others to mark the bottom with a pen.

I then used clamps on my work bench to cut and use the router.

This is just the routing of the “S” shape. I needed to route all the way around this piece to fit into the frame.

Now all 3 pieces are installed. I used a file to scrape away any bad fitting areas.

We then spent some time to sand every piece nice and smooth.

We are now getting ready to apply stain to darken the wood, and match the original wood.

I must have used a lighter stain, but still looks good.

I used some hinges and screws for the doors.

The top window now has a knob, and 2 hinges.

Took so long to make, its already dark out!

I mounted the bottom doors on and added hinges. Then I started to drill a hole for a handle. I only need one handle for this.

To install a handle, I only need a drill bit (and drill), screw driver, and the handle hardware.

Handle is now installed.

We finally put the loft bed in! YAY!

You can imagine with the mattress installed the top window will be perfect to lay flat.