Fan Dust Filter – Allergy Relief

We have moved a lot of things around the house and its been bugging my allergies. I decided to make a fan dust filter so we can finish changing the house around with no more dust allergies.

I also use this fan when we are cleaning or moving a lot and when the filter gets dirty we can just use the vacuum to clean the filter.

I had this filter material remaining from my server filter project.

Its a reusable filter I purchased for about $10 from my local home improvement center.

This is a closeup of the filter material.

The back of my fan has the power cord and switch in the middle… If you can find a fan with it on the top/side would make this project much easier!

At least the wire is removable.

Wire removed.

I am cutting a small hole just for the power cord.

The power cord being pushed through the tiny hole I made.

The power wire runs into the fan and is positioned well.

I will be using this very strong metal wire, with some pliers and cutters to secure the filter to the fan.

I push the wire through the filter. I do this in the corner of the BOX fan where the round blades do not go near here.

Then I bend a J shape under and fish it through the fan grill.

I then flatten it out to hold onto the grill.

I bend the wire and push it into the back of the filter.

I then fold another J to hook the wire.

I then bend it flat again.

This is one corner done now. I need to repeat for all 4 corners.

All 4 corners are secure. Almost ready to test it, but…

I also forgot to make a hole for the power knob!!!! oops!

I will be mounting this fan on my ceiling, out of the way because I do not have the floor space.
I think more dust is near the floor so this would be more effective if I had it on the floor.
I start by running a wire through the fan. At the corner away from the fan blades.

The wire is pushed through the top of the fan.

Then I twist the wire together securely. This is thick wire and I do not think it will have any issues.

I attached the wire to large hooks in my ceiling beams.