Repair a Folding Table with Rivets

We received this plastic folding table as a gift while starting our Swap Meet business, but the rivet was broken. Here is how I repaired it.

I started by drilling out the old rivet with my power drill and a drill bit.

Now the holes line up and are cleaned up.

I go through my rivets and need a deeper than normal one. I would have been better off if I had one in between these sizes.

I went with the larger one. Just insert it into the hole.

Then I put the rivet gun on it and squeeze the trigger. Be careful not to pinch your fingers!

Maybe because the rivet was too long for this, but it went crooked and did not expand enough to hold properly.

I will redo this with washers this time. I think the rivet can clamp onto the washer and will allow the metal parts to move easier.

I start over by drilling out the damaged rivet.

I then put the rivet in with the washers.

The rivet ended up bent just like last time… So to fix it this time, I use huge pliers to smash the rivet into a disk shape.

I slowly folded over the edges outward onto the washer.

I also made sure the metal support ring can slide up and down the metal pieces.

And it was able to slide down!

The table is fixed and ready to use! YAY! Better than ever.