Repair Tripod Mount Broken in Camera

repair broken camera tripod

The camera tripod mount broke in my camera! I need to fix this ASAP!

My camera tripod threads broke off into my camera tripod mount!

This is the tripod mount that failed!

My method for removing the threaded piece is using angle cutters to dig into the side and unscrew it.

I know they sell bolt stud remover tools, I even have a set, but this camera is too delicate for that. 

I was able to remove it by applying steady pressure and unscrewing the threaded rod using the diagonal cutters. After the threaded rod raised over the surface of the camera, I was able to use my finger to unscrew the rest of the way.

The camera is undamaged and can now be used again on tripods.

Yay! I can now get back to working on my Photo website, and work on my YouTube videos and websites.