Scrap Marble Kitchen counter

Our neighbors remodeled their kitchen and offered us some of the cut off pieces. I gladly accepted as this would make a perfect counter top for my mini fridge.

Here is a before picture:

I used a large chef cutting board as a counter on top of my mini fridge. This cutting board has a drip edge which is really handy when fluids are spilled.
I use magnets from Hard drives and Speakers on my mini fridge to hold my food coupons and a list of local fast food places.

The new counter has a ledge on the front to overhand kitchen cabinets. Since the fridge door needs to open, I need to raise the new counter higher. I removed the cutting board and added a few layers of wood on top of the fridge to allow the new counter to fit.

Here you can see how the counter ledge over hangs past the plywood I added. You can also see the gap from the counter ledge to the fridge door top.

The new marble counter just sits on top. The counter is slightly wider than the fridge so now I have more room to prepare food.
The mini fridge is on a plywood base with wheels, so I can access shelving behind with less often used supplies are stored.

I added my cutting board back and a bowl of fruit.

I also have a kitchen compartment for the dog’s bed. He likes having his little area under the shelf because he feels safe from things falling. Its also warm next to the fridge and it keeps him warm at night while he sleeps.