DIY Video Game Console Shelf

I needed a way to have access to our video game consoles to be able to play them.

Before I built this, I would have all the consoles stacked up in one place and would have to remove each one from the shelf, find the wires and controllers then connect everything to play. This caused me to rarely play games because it was not acccessable.

I now made a Video Game Console Shelf on top of my desk right next to my TV. I also have a small CRT TV on the other side for the really retro consoles, they look so much better on a CRT. I used a few video game switch boxes to switch between the consoles. 

I start of by measuring my desk and making a design. I then cut out 3 pieces of plywood to the correct size. I use this one piece to draw my cuts onto.


I used a coffee can lid to make a circle shape to cut out.


Its a nice curve shape.


I cut this piece, then used it as a template to cut the other 2 pieces. I then stacked all 3 and clamped them together.


I put the 3 legs I will be using (2×4 pieces) on top of my plywood. I place them like a triangle so they can support the weight of the shelves. I mark the position with a pen.


Here is a closeup of the leg, and a smaller shelf for under to hold my desk supplies (tape, stapler, etc)


I used a jig saw to cut out the places where the 2×4 legs will sit.


Having a nice tight fit help keep these shelves stable.


I have now finished cutting the 3 shelves and have the place for all 3 legs.


I assemble this on top of my desk, using wood screws.


Screwing through the 2×4 into the plywood was just a quick and easy way to do this. I would have prefered to use another method but this was a quick 1-2 hour build. It was a hot day and I wanted to get this project done quickly.


It sits perfectly in the corner of my desk, it even touches the edge of the TV. I am happy with this design. Now its time to load it with consoles!


I think I may need to add more shelves! I already out grew this!


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Note: I could have used better wood. I could have stained, sanded, finished the shelves. I choose not to. This was a quick 2 hour project using scrap wood to help improve my life.