Resell business updates

I am going to start off and show some of the items I have been reselling and then I will give some tips at the end.

I purchased this iPod for only $19.99.



If I can test the item, I can sell it for more.

I did not have a FireWire connector on any of my computers, but I did have a PCI card and a spare power supply that can power this… WOW! IT WORKS!

It took a while to sell but well worth the wait.

ipod classic

I purchased this guitar pedal for only $2.99

IMG_1880 (Large).JPG

guitar pedal

I purchased this CD for only $1.99. I really had no idea of the value but took a chance.

finale mac

I purchased this vintage computer for only $20. I cant believe I found this!

epson QX-10

Disneyland forever CD! I have seen this at the thrift store 3 times!!! Every time I went back and it was still there. I kept thinking if I should get it or not… Well I finally bought it and wow!!!!

disney forever cd

Here are 70 floppies I found that were sealed! The 7 boxes cost me only $14!

70 floppies - 10 on youtube

I only sold 7 of the 8 packs I purchased because I used one for my Retro Unboxing YouTube channel.

I found this awesome 8 pack of Sony blank tapes for the VCR for only $2.99

sony blank tapes

I paid only $5 for this portable scanner.


radioshack scanner

I purchased this Video game joystick for $4.99.

This joystick was DIRTY! We really spent a lot of time cleaning this!IMG_2861 (Large).JPG

Pelican Arcade fighter stick

This was a RARE find! I think NBC studios was upgrading their equipment and somehow this ended up at a thrift store! WOW $4.99

nbc studios joystick


I purchased this SEALED for only $2.99, so I decided to film this for my Retro Unboxing YouTube channel. I bet I could have sold this for a lot more if I kept it sealed!!! Lesson learned!

IMG_8836 (Large).JPG

miniscsi plus

I think we paid about $6-8 for this.

kasparov pocket chess computer

Tips and info:

I want to say that things change all the time, for example I just received an email from the California Board of Equalization and they are being replaced by another tax department.

Here are some quotes from the newsletter:

“Most duties performed by the California State Board of Equalization (Board) will be transferred to the newly created California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) and the Office of Tax Appeals.”

The reason for the change:

This restructure is a result of Assembly Bill 102, The Taxpayer Transparency and Fairness Act of 2017, which was recently enacted into law.

If you want more information you can visit

Laws and rules change all the time. Markets change and prices change. Some of the local big name (starts with “good…”) thrift store started raising their prices. Some items I would purchase regularly went up in price, some even double or triple!

Prices change depending on the neighborhood.  I have a list of the thrift stores in order by distance, for each direction from my home. I can go North on Monday, Then East on Wednesdays, etc.

The list I keep contains the following information:
Store Name, Address, Phone Number, Store Hours, Distance from Home, and NOTES.

I use the notes section for information on SALES dates, Types of items the store carries, if the prices are high or low, and other stuff I would find useful.

Start resell business:

Starting a Swap meet / Flea Market Business

Starting a Swap meet business

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