How much Money I make on YouTube!

I have run a YouTube account for and also have 12 other YouTube channels I run for different topics.

My YouTube Earnings for the past 28 days on the HowToEngineering YouTube channel:

You read that right, $0.01 for 28 days!

Now lets check out the Lifetime of the channel:

Only $0.32 for the lifetime of the channel! WOW!

New issues with YouTube:

They now need 10,000 views before you can even make money on YouTube! This is crazy! Out of the 13 channels I have, only 2 qualify for the income!

This screen shot is from my Retro Unboxing channel, which is 5 views away from being the 3rd channel that can make money.

In summary, YouTube may not be worth much of my time from now on. I can’t believe YouTube would stoop this low and stop channels from having an income. I found out today that the monetization of all my channels were off and had to manually turn them all on. So they turned off EVERYONES channel!!!! I can’t believe this!