April Fools Prank – Phone in a Bottle

Here is an April fools prank I did to my wife a few years ago.
I put her iPod inside a bottle and it was still connected to its charger.

This prank also works with phones, and other devices.

I started with a bottle large enough to hold a iPod
I removed the front label and cut a slit to slide the iPod in.
I put the charger cable through the top into the bottle then out the slit I cut.
I then slid the iPod into the bottle with the charger connected.
Now to put the label back on, covering the cut.
Here is the charger cable going in the bottle top. But the iPod does not fit through!
This is how I put it on her desk to find it. lol.

When she got home, she picked it up and was confused for a minute! It was a good laugh for both of us!