Shed Door Mounted Folding Shelf

I wanted a shelf to put my Laptop on while working outside. I then made up some simple plans with the basic size goals for a laptop and mouse.

I then Laid out all the parts and came up with a basic layout. Eventually this will change a little as I build and make it better.

This project is using spare parts and old wood. I made this project in only 2 hours and wanted to make this quickly, so it’s a bit sloppy. Anyway, here is how I made it.

Thanks to our sponsor Grip Tools for providing the awesome Drill Bits!

Grip Tools Drill Bits


I wanted an extra support to hold the shelf out and level, so I added this board. (I later removed this, because it sticks out from the flush shelf/door.)

Now we will attach a chain that will support the shelf when opened.

Some basic testing. Looking great so far.

I wanted to add a latch to keep the shelf in the locked position so it does not fall and hit me on the arm or something.

This is where I removed the bottom support piece from the shelf. I did not like how it was sticking out since I made the shelf so flush.

I wanted to use that wood corner I cut off to make the shelf a little bigger.

The final touch is adding a LAN cable for the laptop.

Project well done!

This was a quick project, and it came out perfect. I can fit the laptop on the left side near the chain and have room for my mouse on the right side.