Twitch Commands for 7 days to die bot:


You can test the bot commands on 7DaysToDieBot on Twitch

How to use the bot:
You can check for the next blood moon by using a command !day4 if 4 is the current day. This bot only works if you game is set to the default blood moons each 7 days

The bot will then tell you if the day is a blood moon, and when the next blood moon is.

If you happen to be on a blood moon, the bot will calculate how many blood moons so far and tell you. (Current day included)

!dayXX (Replace X with day in game)
!tips (Gives a random game tip)
good bot
bad bot

You can roll a dice (6 sided or 20 sided) using the following commands.

Change bot name color:


Whats next?
I am sure we will come up with more ideas to add to the bot.
I for sure do not want to make a wiki like I did with Stranded_Deep_wiki_Bot . That was a ton of work, and games keep getting updates.

If you have any ideas that can help you with 7 days to die game, just let Retro_Unlimited know and we can try and add it.

This bot is not affiliated with 7 days to die, its creators, or anyone related at all to the game or development company. This bot is a fan project by Retro_Unlimited for twitch friends.

Bot works on these channels: