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this is a pretty cool site   Memphis, TN    06/26/17 1:10 PM
Got some pretty ambitious goals here!  Chapel Hill, NC    06/29/16 11:28 AM
They’re pretty cool. Hard to find stuff like this anymore on the internet… Alachua, FL    06/27/16 01:49 PM
Your how-to’s are fantastic/fascinating! I’m excited to share some of what i just saw with my engineer minded DIY husband. 🙂 Atlanta, GA     06/27/16 10:34 AM
My husband loves you! He is a retired engineer. Johns Island, SC     06/27/16 05:21 AM
They cover a pretty wide spectrum of topics, some that I’m interested in more than others. Belleville, WI,     06/23/16 06:05 AM
I’m really into engineering/inventing so I think what you are doing is great. USA     06/18/16 03:45 AM
Many of them are innovative and easy to follow along. Birmingham, AL     06/10/16 11:46 AM
I think it has creativity and a potential for something great. Vilnius, Lithuania     06/10/16 10:00 AM
They actually seem to be useful. I like the cheap DIY cat tower. Orlando, FL,     06/05/16 08:30 PM
Love them they provide an interesting approach to engineering. Maywood, NJ,     05/30/16 11:18 PM
I love it, I think you guys put a ton of passion and work into what you do and it shows 🙂
Waltham, MA,     05/26/16 05:07 PM
It is pretty impressive idea so far. Amsterdam, Netherlands     05/24/16 01:23 PM
I like them a lot. They’re actually really cool. Ljubljana, Slovenia     05/24/16 07:02 AM
I think its great….It gives me new ideas. Mount Washington, KY,     05/23/16 07:59 PM
Just keep it up. Serbia     05/22/16 08:15 AM
Your projects are very innovative 🙂 Ostrava, Czech Republic     05/22/16 06:30 AM
I think you are doing a good work, keep it up 🙂 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic     05/07/16 07:34 AM
First time seeing them and they are clear and give a good insight. Stockport, N2, United Kingdom     05/03/16 01:23 PM
You have projects that can interest a variety of different audiences. Spokane, WA, USA     04/24/16 03:51 PM
I think they are pure awesome. I have been reading as I have been interest is peaked. I will definitely be reading more! Athol, MA, USA     04/15/16 02:26 PM
I believe your projects online are excellent. You are bringing light to an issue that people encounter everyday… crazy driving. Keep it up! Virginia Beach, VA, USA     04/14/16 08:10 AM
Great useful tips on complex how-tos and btw nice tagline 🙂 Mumbai, India     04/13/16 10:30 PM
This is a great thing to do!!!!!! I totally support u!!!!!!! Bangalore, India     04/10/16 06:49 PM
Everything is amazing, engineering Paleolithic, very Flintstones! jajjaja I think all great and especially if the materials are recycled, good job! Mieres, Spain     04/10/16 09:10 AM
I like your projects online because they are very creative and thought-provoking! San Antonio, TX, USA     03/31/16 02:52 AM
I really like the professional style. Italy     03/30/16 08:43 AM
You make it seem very easy. Bronx, NY, USA     03/30/16 02:57 AM
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