Make a DIY Fidget Spinner!

My wife Lupe made a DIY Fidget Spinner! Check out her video explaing her process to make the fidget spinner. She also shows how to clean used skateboard bearings!


If you prefer to purcahse an already made fidget spinner, here is a link to them on Amazon: (affiliate)

ROBOTS made from Scrap Parts!


My wife and I made a few of these when we were first dating. We wanted to make more to show people at the Maker Faire and write an article on here.

We used old circuit parts (Mostly scrapped from old electronics) and also some connectors, buttons, and even springs and nuts! Almost Anything will work as this is ART!

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Make a company banner.



We wanted to make a banner to advertise at the Maker Faire we will be at December 3, 2016.

We are on a very tight budget. We just purchased some folding tables to make our life a little easier and before that we purchased a canopy.

This DIY Banner is super simple and super cheap! Continue reading “Make a company banner.”