How much Money I make on this Website!

I am going to show you how much money I make from this website. I have run this website for about 2.5 years now. It has grown in size and number of visitors quite a bit… but still…. Here is my last 30 days of income using google AdSense:

Yes, I made $0.01 today and yesterday… $0.12 in the past 7 days!
Only $0.69 in the entire past 30 days! Continue reading “How much Money I make on this Website!”

Swap meet 4: LAST EVER Glendale college Swap meet

Sadly, Glendale College will no longer be hosting the Swap Meet! No more! Its gone!

We wanted to be at this historic event. My wife and I met at Glendale College. It was a special place for us.

1-2 (Large)

Later on we were talking with my uncle and he actually went to the very first Glendale College Swap Meet! Continue reading “Swap meet 4: LAST EVER Glendale college Swap meet”

Buying at Thrift stores for Resale

Since the Swap meets have been very slow, we turned our focus more towards online sales using I have been selling on there since 2004, but mostly focused on rare parts for people to repair electronics.

We have been gathering items for the swap meet from friends and family, but most of these items are not good for online sales (too much competition, or value too low to ship item). We needed better inventory. Continue reading “Buying at Thrift stores for Resale”