Fan Dust Filter – Allergy Relief

We have moved a lot of things around the house and its been bugging my allergies. I decided to make a fan dust filter so we can finish changing the house around with no more dust allergies.

I also use this fan when we are cleaning or moving a lot and when the filter gets dirty we can just use the vacuum to clean the filter.

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Using AMD Ryzen for 1 Month + Unboxings!

The past month has been full of up and down with this new computer.
(Thankfully everything is FIXED now!)

First this is an amazingly FAST computer as you can tell in my Benchmarks of the AMD Ryzen.

I have done some Video Editing and it is very smooth. This PC can keep up with some intense stuff. I have also been playing a lot of VR on this pc and its amazing! Check out all the unboxing videos I made and edited using the new AMD Ryzen 1700x editing PC! (Scroll down to see)

But then there are all the times I am listening to music and the sound gets slow and makes a digital sound, then the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)…

These are just some of the times it crashes, I couldn’t always get my camera out in time.

(Update 5-5-2017 – I think the source of the errors was using the Drivers that came with the hardware, I reinstalled windows and only used Windows Update for the drivers, which found everything and has not crashed yet…)

(UPDATE 2 – 6/15/2017 – I have been using the computer the past month with no issues! No blue screens, no digital sounds, no issues at all!)

(Update 3 – 7/22/2017 – After the month of no blue screens, they started again. But this time I updated the BIOS from (3/14/2017 Ver 5.0000C to 6/26/2017 Ver 5.0000C) and it seems to have finally fixed all the issues I have been having! The computer even boots up twice as quick and I can run at FULL RAM SPEED! Amazing BIOS update! Anyone with issues should try this update first!)

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