Longboard/Skateboard bench stand DIY

Longboard bench chair DIY

Here is the first project that will be for sale at the local swap meets and flea markets. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

I made a Long-board and Skateboard bench stand. Welding project DIY.

See how i made the wood skateboard and longboard bench tops

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How I make my own hot air blocking panel for intake air filter.

I started using a piece of cardboard between my battery and the intake a few years ago, and it seemed to gave me about a 2 miles per gallon increase. (Though after building this, I received criticism that this will not help with gas mileage, but will help with performance!)

Now it was time for me to relocate my battery so now I have to make a Hot air block from scratch.
I made this one from metal, and I expect better performance than my cardboard version.

hot air block for intake air filter

This is the finished hot air block and my new battery box

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