My Favorite YouTubers to Learn from!

I watch a lot of YouTube to learn information visually. I also look at a lot of websites for information, but this article is about my favorite YouTubers!

Welding and Fabrication:



Welding Tips and Tricks


Wood working and Fabrication:

Izzy Swan

Mike and Lauren

I Like to Make Stuff

Matthias Wandel

Jay Bates



General Fabrication and Life Hacks:

The King of Random


How to Make Everything

The Hacksmith

Laura Kampf


Electronics and Circuits:

The Ben Heck Show

Great Scott!


Louis Rossmann

Ludic Science


Modern Technology:

Linus Tech Tips


NCIX Tech Tips


Retro Technology:

The 8-Bit guy

8-Bit Keys

The Obsolete Geek

Lazy Game Reviews

Nostalgia Nerd

Tech Moan


Prop Making and Film stuff:


Indy Mogul


Science, Technology and Space:

SciShow Space

Life Noggin



Minute Earth


Cars and Automotive:

Road Kill

Barcroft Cars

Eric The Car Guy

Mighty Car Mods

Chris Fix



Cody’s Lab




My Maker Process

I start with an idea. I pick something I want to make that will help improve my life in some way. All my DIY projects so far have been things I have needed or wanted. Most of these things would be too expensive to buy or I need custom sizes not available at the stores. Continue reading “My Maker Process”