Dust filter for server rack

Server rack dust filter

I use my air compressor (with water remover) to dust my PCs. But its a pain to boot up the backup server, update the websites, then shutdown the main server to remove it for dusting.

So I made a dust filter for my server. So far it has not let any dust through to the server! Continue reading “Dust filter for server rack”

Step by step – How to build a computer.

Building a Personal Computer (PC):

You may be asking yourself: What do you need to build a computer? or How to build a computer from scratch?
Its not difficult to build a computer from scratch. Take a look at how I build computers for an idea on how a computer is built.

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Fix LCD screen with no backlight


The back light did not work on this LCD screen. I guess the high voltage power supply failed. I found an extra CCFL light power brick for neons you put in the computer case (Amazon). I used that to repair the LCD screen.

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