Changing from Cable to Electric VSS

Cable VSS
Cable Vehicle Speed Sensor

My car (1988 CRX HF) came stock with a Cable VSS (Vehicle speed sensor) on the transmission. The engine is a swap (b16a sir2, y21 transmission w/lsd) and was still using the cable VSS. After I installed the Integra cluster in the CRX, I needed to convert the car to Electric VSS.

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How to fix a broken CRX clutch pedal assembly that snapped broken.

clutch pedal snapped off! (common issue)

Clutch pedal snap broken

I have a 1988 Honda CRX. This car was built with a weaker pedal assembly then the newer models.
Its a common problem for the clutch pedal to snap and bend. The later models are stronger and this should not happen.

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Replace a wall


My wall was made from very thin panel board and was cracking, falling apart, and had water damage on it. We had the outside wall repaired and water tight. I needed to replace the inside wall now. This wall was 1/4″ so thin! I replaced with double the thickness, and added expanding foam! Continue reading “Replace a wall”

How I fixed a giant hole behind my e-brake.


I bought this car used not long ago and the E-brake did not work very well.
One day working on my car, I removed the e-brake cover to see if I can adjust the e-brake but discovered a bunch of inflating foam.
foam filled hole in my car floor

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