My Favorite YouTubers to Learn from!

I watch a lot of YouTube to learn information visually. I also look at a lot of websites for information, but this article is about my favorite YouTubers!

Welding and Fabrication:



Welding Tips and Tricks


Wood working and Fabrication:

Izzy Swan

Mike and Lauren

I Like to Make Stuff

Matthias Wandel

Jay Bates



General Fabrication and Life Hacks:

The King of Random


How to Make Everything

The Hacksmith

Laura Kampf


Electronics and Circuits:

The Ben Heck Show

Great Scott!


Louis Rossmann

Ludic Science


Modern Technology:

Linus Tech Tips


NCIX Tech Tips


Retro Technology:

The 8-Bit guy

8-Bit Keys

The Obsolete Geek

Lazy Game Reviews

Nostalgia Nerd

Tech Moan


Prop Making and Film stuff:


Indy Mogul


Science, Technology and Space:

SciShow Space

Life Noggin



Minute Earth


Cars and Automotive:

Road Kill

Barcroft Cars

Eric The Car Guy

Mighty Car Mods

Chris Fix



Cody’s Lab




Make a DIY Fidget Spinner!

My wife Lupe made a DIY Fidget Spinner! Check out her video explaing her process to make the fidget spinner. She also shows how to clean used skateboard bearings!


If you prefer to purcahse an already made fidget spinner, here is a link to them on Amazon: (affiliate)

Defog frosted headlights easy and cheap.

I made a video to show how to easily and cheaply repair frosted headlights and bring back that clear plastic headlight.

What you need:
-Motor oil (Clean/unused).
-Plastic headlights that are faded.

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